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Massage Melbourne CBD

Athletes or sportspersons are prone to injury and pain. Physiotherapy and chiropractors are two of popular therapies that can treat these conditions but if these methods fail to help you, allow our sports massage in Melbourne CBD to help you.

Our facility in Melbourne CBD specialises in deep tissue bodywork together with unique techniques in our corrective exercises for pain removal. Our people in Melbourne CBD have experience and expertise to eliminate and treat pain cause by sport injuries. Consider us when all other pain removal options fail to deliver desired results for you. We have patients or clients who are telling us that we effectively treat their long-term neck pain, shoulder pain, lower back pain, and more. In most cases, we can give instant relief to your pains on the neck, back, and shoulder regions.
We also specialise in treating osteitis pubis, knee pain, headaches and migraines, and hip pain.

AFL football players are prone to osteitis pubis. This condition is a chronic groin pain from the pubic symphysis but the entire groin and hip regions are affected.

Long-term knee pain is common if you have muscle imbalances between the medial and lateral regions of the upper thigh, which greatly affect knee stability and right tracking of the patella.

Headaches and migraines can be due to the tension in certain muscles of the upper back and neck. We can easily identify and treat this condition and we have many clients or patients that can prove our expertise.

The hip pain is commonly experience by people who have intrinsic muscles which externally and internally rotate the hip joint. Our years of experience in treating this kind of pain enable us to produce several satisfied patients or clients.